FAQ -2

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

I’m a Singaporean in my early-30s. Half-Chinese and half-something else, I speak 3 of my country’s national languages, and make my living as a full-time cubicle monkey. Previously, I used to be a copywriter.


Why did you start this blog?

I write to put into proper form the many thoughts I have when travelling. But I also want to convince people (especially my fellow Singaporeans) that independent travel is affordable, fun and worth the planning. This blog contains well-researched, long pieces on places, mixed with guides and itineraries with prices helpfully in SGD.


What’s your style of travel?

Typically a ‘backpacker’ kind of person, spending as thriftily on accommodation (dormitories), attractions (no theme parks) and transport (public transport rocks!) as I can. The only thing I splurge on are experiences, when I think they’re worth it.
I believe that a holiday should give you a good physical workout: I like to walk, run and hike around cities. Multi-day hikes, going overseas to compete in races and getting out of the city into nature – these are some of my ideas of a holiday well-spent.
Why do you take so long to update? (Or: why you so lazy ah?)

I have a busy day job. Combined with research and getting the right photos, I normally wait until I have sufficient emotional distance before I decide to write and post. It helps keep me objective and not gush about places, people and things.


Why do you like travelling the ‘Muslim world’ so much?

Living in Singapore, travelling to the ‘Muslim world’ is unavoidable: Malaysia is a road border crossing away, and Indonesia is a 30-minute ferry ride south.

Beyond geography, I grew up a Christianised, Chinese home, and Muslim cultures and countries were always viewed as a single, unified mass. My experience contradicts this. So as soon as I could, I decided to explore these places, try to clear my own misconceptions and understand these diverse cultures better. Plus, it helps that many of these places are cheap destinations to travel to.


How do you afford to travel?

I pay for my travels with own savings and from my income, and nothing on this blog is sponsored or gives me any passive income. It is my belief that living a lifestyle of travel doesn’t need to burn a hole in your pocket. If I can do it, you certainly can 🙂


What travel unique experiences have you had?

To indulge in my love of running, I‘ve travelled to run overseas. So far, I’ve done the Laguna Phuket Marathon (2010) and the Taipei Fubon Marathon (2013).

I’ve done some truly enjoyable multiday hikes – through a flood-ravaged rainforest in Kuala Koh National Park in Kelantan, Malaysia (2015) and a gruelling 3-day traverse of Rinjani National Park in Lombok, Indonesia (2017).

In 2013, I explored Vancouver on an evening run with a great friend – after hiking the Baden-Powell Trail in North Vancouver in the morning during a hailstorm.

In 2014, I visited the shrines of Abraham and Job in Sanliurfa, Turkiye. Then, a friend and I took a day trip to see the strange statues at Sogmatar (Yagmurlu).

In 2016, I had the opportunity to stay in a kampong (village) in Terengganu, Malaysia for several days, and visited the possibly highest waterfall in Southeast Asia, Lata Cemerong.